We understand your busy schedules!

In today’s digital world, we often seek answers via web browsers and social media.  At Klima Sorrell Insurance Group, we’re still a little old fashioned as we will come to you for an actual ‘LIVE’ in house visit to your practice, society, or conference group to discuss your needs and recommend leading edge solutions.  In fact, we would be delighted to meet your Office Staff one on one anytime, even during your lunch break! This is the Klima Sorrell Insurance Group way – we’re passionate, dedicated, responsive and driven to provide you with the very best insurance plans and coverage available anywhere or from anyone!


For more information about our onsite visits or to check our availability in your area, give us a call at 877.961.6110.

Remember to Update Your Physician Profile

Under the FOIA, Florida law requires the Department of Health (DOH)to make Florida-licensed physician profiles available to the public via digital connections such as the Internet. Therefore like many other professionals, physicians are required to keep their profiles current. Section 456.042, Florida Statutes, states, "A practitioner must submit updates of required information within 15 days after the final activity that renders such information a fact."

If your email address is current with the Department, follow these easy steps to obtain your user id and password:

1. Go to       http://ww2.doh.state.fl.us/mqaservices/PractitionerServices.asp
2. Click on "Update My Profile" listed under Licensee Services
3. Select "forgot/user id and password"
4. Select your profession and input your license number
5. Click "Process"
6. Select your current email address
7. Click "Process" and your user identification and password will be
emailed to the selected email address.

If DOH does not have your current email address, please email the Department at Licensure_Services@doh.state.fl.us or call 850.488.0595. Please provide your first and last name, the last four digits of your social security number, profession and license number for verification purposes.